Mamiya 7ii First Impressions

First Impressions

Again with any first Impressions post, HOLY SHIT. This camera blew my mind. Having a 6x7 negative in such a small package is incredible. Picking up the camera for the first time just blew me away. The shutter is so smooth, being a leaf shutter it really sounds great with no mirror slap. Nothing on this camera feels out of place, it has no extra "useless" features, it is so straightforward and works like a charm. 

Things I Liked

There was nothing on this camera I hated, so I love everything about the camera even the things I wish were different I can see why they happen and there really is not a choice. I do love having a leaf shutter and having the sync speeds throughout, the lenses were sharp and fluid.

Things I Didn't Like

Again, not much to not like. But, not a huge fan of having to take the curtain down before changing lenses but I can't see another way of fixing that if the shutter is in the lens itself. Also focusing while shooting portraits is a bit tough, the rangefinder windows are right in front of the lens so your hand wants to be there. But that's it I still love this camera regardless of any “faults”.


Sample Images

Hp5 shot at 400