Leica M4-P Review

First Impressions

The Leica M4-P is my first professional grade rangefinder I have ever owned (but not used). And really the only acceptable first impression is HOLY SHIT. When I first took all the packaging off and held it for the first time I immediately fell in love. This camera feels so good. The weight, the viewfinder, the way the shutter quietly clicks, everything. The camera itself looks incredible. I wanted black over a silver because I wanted a more discreet look but to be fair I get more looks with my black camera than I ever did with something like my Canonet. 

Things I like

Everything. This camera wants to be used. The way the winding mechanism feels, how fluid the focusing is, the way the shutter is always begging to be pressed. The camera is a damn dream. I actual prefer the the rewinding knob on the M4-M7 better than the traditional ones on the M3, M2 and MP. I also do not mind not having a self timer in fact I appreciate how clean the front of the camera looks without it. All frame lines!!! Pretty cool having the 28,35,50,75,90 and 135mm lines. 

Things I did not like

Shutter speed, I wish I could shoot faster than 1000th of a second but to be fair it doesn't bother me very much. Something that really does grind my gears is there is no ISO dial so I can remind myself what the hell is in the camera. I go back and forth between three films and 3 films only, HP5 always pushed to 1600, TriX always pushed to 800 and Kentmere 100. All 3 films vary greatly in speed and I would love a way to tell what film is in just like almost every other M series camera. Most would complain about no light meter, but truly I do not mind. I never like in camera light meters anyways and was the main reason I decided to go with an M4-P vs an M6.


Overall Thoughts

This camera has changed my life and has done nothing except make me want to shoot. I appreciate the hell of this camera. Ever since acquiring this camera I've done nothing but want to shoot with it. Personally I believe this is the best camera I have ever used let alone owned.

Sample images

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Jacob Colmenero