Creating Art For Yourself

Art Needs To Be For The Artist.

Too often I find artists adjusting their art for clients or for views. Art belongs to artists. Far too often I find myself shooting for the money. I understand we need to pay our bills but some people, including myself, seem to lose theirself in the money aspect of things. Shooting for money seems to make me feel washed out and lose interest in my favorite passion. 

The first camera I ever shot with was an Canon Rebel 2000 and some black and white film. So I decided if that is what made me fall in love with photography I should start from ground zero.

From here on out I will only be shooting black and white, allowing me to focus on what made me fall in love with photography as a whole. The only exception will be my weddings for the remaining year. All client and personal work will be done in black and white.

I hope my decision will encourage others to focus on art that they want to create. I for one am proud of myself for my crazy decision.

So Why Black And White?

Black and white is true photography (to me). Black and white forces me to focus on composition and holds a grittiness to it. Color can easily be a distraction and sometimes overwhelming. I see black and white as a challenge, it forces you to push you're creativity and not rely on color as a tool. Also for me it is more tangible, I bulk load, develop and scan all my own black and white film. Something tangible is more of something I am interested in and seems to keep me excited about shooting.  




That being said, I have a fridge full of color film that now needs a home. Shoot me a message on Instagram or an email over at

Leave a comment if you have any questions!


Jacob Colmenero