My Favorite Film*

*At the moment of course



Cheapest film I could find 

Working at a photo lab has its perks. One of which, I get to see and found out about films I have never heard of. Thats when I discovered my favorite film. For around $40 I can buy 100ft of this film (usually around 19 rolls of 36) which comes out to roughly around $2 a roll. So what is this my new favorite film you ask? Kentmere 100.  

One of my other favorite films is Kentmere 400 however the ONLY reason I like Kentmere 400 is simply because it is cheap film. But the Kentmere 100 I stumbled upon simply because my shop was out of Kentmere 400. 

First impressions 

Wow $2 (or $3.95 if you do not bulk load) a roll.  

Things I like

  • Contrast is incredibly. Whites pop off the page. 
  • For being a slow film the grain is not absent! The grain is very much there, however it is perfect, just the right amount of grain. 
  • Its overall performance. 
  • Made by the great people over at a Harman Technology (Ilford).  
  • No one really knows about Kentmere, it's usually sold to schools.  
  • Last but not least the price! 

Things I didn't really like 

  • Not seen as a "Professional Film"
  • Thats about it  

Tips and tricks 

  • My first time ever shooting this film I shot it at ISO 64 and developed it at its normal time (I will get into that later) and it came out amazing but I learned my favorite was shooting it at 80 and developing it normal!  
  •  As far as developing I recommend doing it yourself it seems that most labs have no idea what times to develop it at! Here are my times! 
  • Prewash (68 degree sink water): 1:00
  • Developer (Ilfosol 3): 5:00
  • Stop Baths (Ilfostop): 1:00
  • Fixer (Rapid Fix) : 6:00-7:00


Shot at 64

Shot at 80

Leave a comment if you have any questions!